Full Moon Discourses: Application of Pranayama with Sundernath


The Correct Application of Pranayama & the Perils & Pitfalls of its Misuse

This series of seven one hour discourses with Sundernath will be held on consecutive full moons and is suitable for mature practitioners of Hatha Yoga. Sundernath will cover the five activities that are each penetrated by, and all interconnected through, the application of pranayama according to its different rhythmic modes of Adama (low), Madyama (central) and Uttama  (high or intense).

  • Pranayama in Asana-krama
  • Pranayama in Mudra and Kriya
  • Pranayama in Pratyahara
  • Dharana and Dhyana
  • Pranayama within the stages of Samadhi up and until entry into the state of Unmani-bhava or Unmani-avastha
  • Pranayama within the stages of Khecari Mudra through to the seven crowning procedures of Sambhavi Mudra that reflect and confirm the truth of each step of the preceding journey.

The correct or incorrect application of pranayama in these five activities determines whether the Unmani sakti or transmental energy can be triggered. It is through this many layered process that the pathway is purified and empowered so that the ascent of kundalini can be imparted by the deity directly or through the guru. Unless this ground is fully covered kundalini remains an empty slogan and the wisdom that lies beyond the clutches of mundane living, a distant fantasy.

Open to all
These discourses are open to all practitioners of yoga with a strong and steady practice of asana, mudra and kriya irrespective of style or school.

Interactive chat
During the live Discourses, Sundernath will respond to questions through the Vimeo chat box which will be enabled. The lectures will then be available to subscribers on-demand on the New Moon after each event (approx 2 weeks later).

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October 2021
November 2021
December 2021
January 2022
February 2022
March 2022
April 2022

Complimentary Q&A
Following the completion of the Discourses, Sundernath will host an interactive Q&A on the New Moon – 1 May 2022. Check your local time here

Frequently asked questions

No, this is a 7 part series & comes as a package.

It is a LIVE discourse, to be attended live if possible. Access will then be available on the New Moon after each event.
Yes. Subscribers will have access for 12 months at the conclusion of the course.

Yes, there will be a chat box during the discourse. At the conclusion of the course, there will be a free Q&A hosted by Sundernath.

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