Full Moon Discourses: Application of Pranayama with Sundernath

The Correct Application of Pranayama & the Perils & Pitfalls of its Misuse.

This series of seven one hour discourses with Sundernath will be held on consecutive full moons and is suitable for mature practitioners of Hatha Yoga. Sundernath will cover the five activities that are each penetrated by, and all interconnected through, the application of pranayama according to its different rhythmic modes of Adama (low), Madyama (central) and Uttama  (high or intense).

  • Pranayama in Asana-krama
  • Pranayama in Mudra and Kriya
  • Pranayama in Pratyahara
  • Dharana and Dhyana
  • Pranayama within the stages of Samadhi up and until entry into the state of Unmani-bhava or Unmani-avastha
  • Pranayama within the stages of Khecari Mudra through to the seven crowning procedures of Sambhavi Mudra that reflect and confirm the truth of each step of the preceding journey.

The correct or incorrect application of pranayama in these five activities determines whether the Unmani sakti or transmental energy can be triggered. It is through this many layered process that the pathway is purified and empowered so that the ascent of kundalini can be imparted by the deity directly or through the guru. Unless this ground is fully covered kundalini remains an empty slogan and the wisdom that lies beyond the clutches of mundane living, a distant fantasy.

Interactive chat
On occasion, Sundernath will respond to questions through the Vimeo chat box which may be enabled (not for every lecture).

Open to all
These discourses are open to all practitioners of yoga with a strong and steady practice of asana, mudra and kriya irrespective of style or school.

Following the Live Discourse, each lecture will then be available to subscribers on-demand on the following New Moon (approx 2 weeks later).

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You may join the Discourses at any time during the series and have immediate access to previous Discourses.

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Complimentary Q&A
Following the completion of the Discourses, Sundernath will host an interactive Q&A on the New Moon – 30 May 2022. Check your local time here

Frequently asked questions

No, this is a 7 part series & comes as a package.

It is a LIVE discourse, to be attended live if possible. Access will then be available on the New Moon after each event.
Yes. Subscribers will have access for 12 months at the conclusion of the course.

Yes, there will be a chat box during the discourse. At the conclusion of the course, there will be a free Q&A hosted by Sundernath.

Full Moon Discourses: Application of Pranayama with Sundernath




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Other online courses

Nrtta Sadhana is a way of accomplishment through the body’s limbs in action. It is here that the aspirant rediscovers the rhythmic life currents hidden within the body by means of unimposed natural positioning. This is termed Karana (cause).
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The Taranyali Tridha Dhyanam is an ancient and complete meditation system from the tradition of Tantric Hatha Yoga. This system has been revived and revised by the yogin Sundernath (Shandor Remete) for use by present-day practitioners of the art and craft of Hatha Yoga.
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Info: Vitry-lès-Cluny

About the region

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Close by: Remember to call ahead for visit conditions

Roche de Solutré: Not to miss, on the Great Site of France Solutré Pouilly Vergisson

Musée de préhistoire: Jardin archeological and botanical garden, the Maison du Grand Site to complete the tour.

Château De Pierreclos: In the midst of organic vineyards.

Chateau De Berze-Le-Chatel: Historical monument, one of the most well-preserved medieval fortified castles of Burgundy (where Ridley Scott shot ‘The Last Duel’!)

Chapelle Des Moines: In Berzé-la-Ville (the next village!)  – not to be missed.

Château De Cormatin: (only possible to visit its magnificent garden) Between Tournus et Cluny.

Les Communs: Local ceramists.

Chapaize – L’église Saint Martin & L’église De Lancharre: The village offers bed and breakfasts, 3 restaurants a Sunday organic market, an art gallery, and artists’ ateliers.

Grottes D’azé: Earth under life: in -350 000, a primal man appeared in the cave, then rhinos and antique elephants…the prehistorical cave and the underground river hide one of the largest European cave bears fields.

Grottes De Blanot

Château De Saint-Point-Lamartine: If one appreciates the writer

Solornay sur Guye: The neighbouring town – includes a restaurant, small food store, salon de thé – pâtisserie 

Cité- Abbaye De Cluny: The Benedictin Abbaye Of Cluny Shined On The Whole Middle Age Europe, Being The Widest Of Western Christianity Before The Building Of Saint-Peters In Rome.

Communauté De Taizé: Christian Ecumenical Community Founded In 1940 By Brother Roger.

Abbaye Saint Philibert – Tournus: One Of The Largest French Monastic Cities.