Laya Krama: The Entry – Full Course


On-Demand: This course contains pre-recorded content. It is designed for the student to view—and practice—for an extended period of time until the offered teachings are mastered.
The Laya Krama of the Hatha system is a process of cultivation that facilitates an internal transition into the work of reabsorption through the arts of pranayama, mudra, pratyahara and dharana. The required tools for Laya Krama are Nrtta Sadhana and the Weaving Jade Lady, together with their charanas (warm-ups) and vyapakas (rub-downs). When practiced correctly, Laya Krama enables one to soar to the heights of dhyana, beyond the limitations of the physical form of the body, without neglecting it.
The Laya Krama on-demand course includes:

  1. Standing Carana (warm-up) & Vyapaka (rub down), the necessary standing preparation and closure for one’s daily sadhana.
  2. Squats & Suryanamaskar, the preliminary activity.
  3. The Nrtta Sadhana – Pure dance, full practice format.
    The Nrtta is that Sadhana (way of accomplishment) by which the sadhaka (aspirant) rediscovers the rhythmic life currents hidden within the body by means of unimposed natural positioning. This is Karana (cause).
  4. Seated Carana (warm-up) & Vyapaka (rub down), the necessary seated preparation and closure for one’s daily sadhana.
  5. Jade Lady Weaving, the gate of entry for internal work.
  6. Asana (seats), the required postures for the cultivation of dharana (single pointed focus).

Note: Careful preparation with the Laya Krama online course must be completed prior to attending any live training with Sundernath (Shandor Remete) and Emma. Students wishing to attend a live course are advised to fully prepare by learning the standing warm-up, seated warm-up, squats, Suryanamaskar sequence, standing rub down, and seated rub-down. One may also become familiar with the external aspects of the Jade Lady Weaving and Nrtta Sadhana forms through visual observation only until such time as the student learns the forms in-person with Sundernath & Emma or an approved Shadow Yoga teacher.

Open Level – suitable for all levels of yoga practitioner.