Laya Krama: The Entry – Standing activity with Emma


This Laya Krama on-demand course includes:

  1. Standing Carana (warm-up) & Vyapaka (rub down), the necessary standing preparation and closure for one’s daily sadhana.
  2. Squats & Suryanamaskar, the preliminary activity.
  3. The Nrtta Sadhana – Pure dance, full practice format.
    The Nrtta is that Sadhana (way of accomplishment) by which the sadhaka (aspirant) rediscovers the rhythmic life currents hidden within the body by means of unimposed natural positioning. This is Karana (cause).

Open Level – suitable for all levels of yoga practitioner.

Note: This is not the complete Laya Krama: The Entry course. For the complete course please go back to Courses.