Hatha Yoga

Shadow Yoga

Shadow Yoga is a modern term that encompasses the ancient practices originating with the Pashupata tantrika yogins which preceded and gave rise to Hatha Yoga.

Lord Pashupathi transformed himself into Adinath, the first teacher, who through the labours of his human disciples Matsyendranath, Gorakhnath, Jalandharnath and others gave Tantrik Hatha Yoga for the welfare and spiritual development of mankind.

The required tools are Nrtta (pure dance) Asana (posture), Pranayama (inner breath control) and the mental practices through the concentrated power of will termed Samyama (even restraint). Through samyama the essence of these activities are drawn into a single point that acts as the gateway into the immensity better described as the unknown.

The basis for all is Nrtta which in its laghu or light form is the legacy of the Pashupata tantrik yogins. Through this pure form, devoid of any gymnastic or theatrical embellishments, the sadhaka (aspirant) rediscovers the natural rhythmic currents hidden within the body. This is achieved through modes of unimposed natural positioning that comprise graceful churning, stepping accompanied by light coiling or swaying and supported by arm, hand and finger gestures. These movements are termed karana (cause) and constitute a dance devoid of emotional mood (abhava).

Abhava Yoga is that yoga in which one contemplates oneself as void and without shadow. Here the mind in its natural form rests in its source, the self, in the Sahaja Avasta (natural state). This is the yogic ideal of being and marks the starting point of Kundalini Yoga the greatest and most far-reaching contribution passed down to us from the Nath traditions enshrined in the tantras.

_This is the yogic ideal of being and marks the starting point of Kundalini Yoga the greatest and most far-reaching contribution passed down to us from the Nath traditions enshrined in the tantras.


Shandor Remete

Sundernath (Shandor Remete) was fortunate to be born into a household at the southeastern tip of the great Hungarian plain where the art of yoga was a daily presence. From this seed, his destiny on the path of yoga unfolded.

He has spent over 60 years pursuing a depth of knowledge about the roots of yoga that very few modern scholars or practitioners have ever achieved.

He is an initiate of the Kanpatha Hatha Yogins of Nepal, descendants of Sri Gorakhnath, and his Guru Sri Matsyendranath. These great Yogins were the forefathers of Tantrik Hatha Yoga, the heart of which is Hatha Yoga – the science bestowed on humanity by Adinatha (Lord Shiva).

He is the founder of Shadow Yoga.

Emma Balnaves

Emma Balnaves is an internationally respected teacher of the traditional forms and philosophies of Hatha Yoga. She has been teaching yoga since 1998 and is the co-founder and director of Shadow Yoga.

Emma was introduced to yoga in her early teens when she became intrigued by the mystery of the practices and the feelings they evoked inside her. After studying visual communication, majoring in photography at university, and working in the creative arts in Sydney, New York, and London, Emma committed herself to a life of teaching yoga. Her early training began with a rigorous three-year apprenticeship at the Hatha Yoga Shala in Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia.

After decades of in-depth study and research in yoga, Ayurveda, and other internal arts, Emma began incorporating the full spectrum of the yogic process in her teaching. In 2019 she completed her first film Agniyogana and was inspired to create this as a way to share the essence of these teachings and bring a better understanding of all aspects of the practice.