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The Shadow Yoga teachings encompass different levels of learning. There are various paths from which to choose as one ascends to the heights of knowledge and experience. Each individual will choose the path that they feel most drawn towards.

Shadow Yoga Preludes

The three forms of Shadow Yoga are the combination of various warrior (viraparampara) and sun forms (suryanamaskaras) which act as preludes for the asana-vinyasas.

Nrtta Sadhana – Pure Dance of Shiva

The Nrtta is that Sadhana (way of accomplishment) by which the sadhaka (aspirant) rediscovers the rhythmic life currents hidden within the body by means of unimposed natural positioning. This is termed Karana (cause). The five forms of Nrtta are: Ananda Tandava (Shiva’s dance of dissolvement), Ashta Matrikas (the eight mother palms), Lasya (Kali’s creative dance or Long form), Shiva Tandava (Wild dance of Shiva) and Taranyalikrantam (the emerging step of the thunder dragon).

Shadanga Yoga

The Shadanga Yoga courses are the first step in establishing the Antahkarana or Sukshma Sharira (the subtle inner body), without which fulfillment of the Yogic path is not possible. Padmasana is required for automatic qualification but Swastikasana may be acceptable in some cases.

Khecari Sadhana
This is for the select few that have qualified for the development of the Khecari Mudra (the gesture of roaming in the sky).
In this course Sundernath will impart the first of the six limbs (anga) required for its cultivation.
Note: Khecari Sadhana is not offered at this time.
Individual Yogasana

In the Individual Yogasana courses, the participants are taken to their natural limit based on the sequence of the Shadow Yoga sadhana they are currently working within their daily practice.

Level of Experience

Each course will be designated a particular ‘Level’. It is the responsibility of the practitioner to determine, based on the description of the course and their own experience, whether or not they are suited to a particular course.
If, after checking the course and the descriptions below, there is any uncertainty, kindly email us at
Shadow Yoga cannot be held responsible for you purchasing a course which is not suitable for you and we regret that no refunds will be available.

Levels for courses are:

Open Level – suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners.
Intermediate Level – proficiency with the intermediate level of asanas.
Advanced Level – proficiency in Nrtta Sadhana – Pure Dance of Shiva and ability to sit in Padmasana for one hour.

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Discounts will be offered for bookings made one month in advance of first class. Payment must be made upon booking.

Cancellation policy
We appreciate that your circumstances may change.
You are able to cancel your registration 6 weeks prior to the commencement of a course without penalty and with a full refund. We must receive your cancellation by email to:
If your cancellation is received any later, the following fees apply:
  • 4–6 weeks before the first class, a cancellation fee of 25% will be deducted.
  • 2–4 weeks before the first class, a cancellation fee of 50% will be deducted.
If your cancellation is received with 2 weeks of the commencement date, we regret we are not able to refund your payment. Note: Your place in a course is not confirmed until your invoice is paid in full. Payments are not able to be transferred between courses.
COVID–19 policy
Register with confidence. As the date of your course approaches, should you feel uncomfortable attending the workshop, you will be able to cancel your booking and receive a full refund.
Possible workshop cancellation
If further restrictions come into force, we also may need to cancel one or more workshops. In this case, you will receive a full refund.

Current Online Courses & Instruction

Laya Krama (the process of reabsorption)
The Laya Krama of the Hatha system is a process of cultivation that facilitates an internal transition into the work of reabsorption through the arts of pranayama, mudra, pratyahara and dharana. The required tools for Laya Krama are Nrtta Sadhana – Pure Dance of Shiva and the Weaving Jade Lady, together with their charanas (warm-ups) and vyapakas (rub-downs).
Deha Shuddhi Pranayama (cleansing of the body)
Deha Suddhi Pranayama refers to the method of cleansing or purifying (shuddhi) the body (deha). However indirectly, Deha Shuddhi also refers to the purification of the mind, as the mind lives within the body and is an extension of it. The Deha Shuddhi practice is offered for the establishment of the necessary and correct body-mindset required for the journey ahead—the path of Laya Krama (the process of reabsorption) that lies beyond Deha Shuddhi.
Adharas (support centres)
The process of reabsorption (Laya Krama) is not possible without the knowledge and support of the sixteen adharas (support centres) that make up the hidden path of Shiva’s moon. This course will disclose the hidden art of utilising the moon’s energy during the fluctuating light and dark phases of waxing and waning, and will offer instruction to harmoniously harness the fluctuations of the mind by adapting to the ruling energy of each day and night in this cycle.
Yoga for Women
Emma Balnaves takes you on a journey to understand the three phases of a woman’s requirements on the hatha yogic path. This lecture series for women is about the three important stages of her life. Topics covered: Introduction, Menstruation, Menopause, Pregnancy, Q&A, Practice & Conclusion
Sundernath’s Discourse Programme

Now available as a set of twelve lectures.
A monthly online discourse (at the time of the Full Moon) where Sundernath (Shandor Remete) shares information imparted to him and gives guidance on how to proceed on the path of yoga.
The discourses consist of the hidden instructions within the prayers, the technical keys to Nrtta (pure dance), Asana, Mudra, Pranayama, and more.

Consultations with Sundernath and Emma

Recognising the growing need for a consultative service where students can get advice on parts of their Sadhana, we are offering consultations online or in-person where we reside in South Australia.
Practitioners will have the opportunity to ask questions based on their personal sadhana, where they might be struggling or having difficulties in the practice etc, on a personal one-to-one basis.
Open to all levels of yoga practitioners.
In the 60 minute consultation we offer guidance on your practise offering amendments where required.
Where appropriate lifestyle and women’s issues can also be discussed with Emma.

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Please select from the course list below. Payments can be made via PayPal or Stripe (credit card). 10% discount for Shadow Yoga teachers applies (not in addition to other discounts).

Khecari Sadhana

Course information

This course is for the select few that have qualified for the development of the Khecari Mudra (the Gesture of Roaming in the Sky) and will impart the first of the six limbs (anga) required for its cultivation.

Siddha (adept) and sadhak (student) together salute Khecari saying:

‘Khecari I bow to you, that you may enable me to realise and experience the truth of transformation.’

The practice of Khecari is the hidden prayer of Rudra, the Lord of Tears. Those selected for this course must have a practical understanding of the science of the 16 adharas and have completed the mantra sadhana.

The course will consist of a 3-class live online introduction. The classes will continue to be available on-demand as a 12-month subscription (commencing one week after the live event).

The Live course will be for 3 consecutive days. Check your local time of the first class here.

If you join the course after the Live classes you will have on-demand access for 12 months.

To apply:

Copyright © Shadow Yoga. All rights reserved. No part of these teachings may be reproduced, distributed, recorded or transmitted in any form or by any means, including, recording, or other electronic or mechanical means, without the prior written permission of Shadow Yoga. All advice given is strictly in confidence.

Individual Asana

Willunga Studio, South Australia

If you wish to study for longer periods we are able to tailor a Sequence Building programme for one, two, three for up to four weeks.
The price per week is AU$700 (incl GST).
Early-bird discounts are available and are more generous for the longer programmes.
Please email for more information:

The Times They Are a-Changin.

The year was 1964. I wonder how great the change was that Dylan saw when he wrote this timeless song. Did he see the distortions that would arise in human beings as the machine age, the Kali Yuga, swept over them? Now is the time to start swimming or the machine will sink us since those who installed the machine are themselves the slaves of greed and deceit. Now is the time to take a firm stand in one’s chosen path, without fluctuation, and to pursue it in the way Matsyendranath describes in the 17th chapter of his Samhitha:

‘For the fullness of Khechara (the roamer of the pathways of heaven), one must be ready to take risk without the mind deviating from the path. There are two types of men. The first is the one who is in constant change due to doing in order to gain mastery is a Sadhaka (practitioner). The other is the one who observes Melanam (gathering) without doubt or its wickedness. That one is a doer, a governor and a destroyer, happy and without disease. He perceives the world as moving and unmoving, not distinct from his soul, a siddha (adept) and a learned person. Therefore the state of Khecari Melanam (roaming gatherer upon the pathways of heaven) should be attained through effortful exertion.’ 

Those who are slaves to their own machines are turning the earth into hell, lulling all into a false sense of hope that leads inexorably through doubt and disappointment, to the greatest darkness in the heart of humanity. For that reason and, much as it goes against my nature, I have decided to use the machine for the good of our Shadow Yoga community in these trying times. I will run a discourse programme of 12 sessions, extended over a period of 12 months on the full moon day of each month. Each session will last for 50 mins. The first session will be given next month (May). 

The most unique and far reaching contribution of the Nath Yogins is Kundalini Yoga. It is not a term we can find in the Vedas, Upanishads or even the Gita. It came down to us from the Nath traditions and was incorporated into the tantras; hence the term ‘Tantric Hatha Yoga’. The Nath were heterodox in their theology, unorthodox in their practices yet supremely orthodox in their upholding of the principles handed down uncorrupted from the beginnings of time. The goal of Tantric Hatha Yoga is the awakening of the hidden power within, that rising, grants the eight faculties by which detachment is realised; for one can only dispense with what one has attained not with that which lies outside one’s grasp (a truth unseen in modern yoga). 

We have slowly been preparing you over the years for these secrets are only imparted to initiates and even then not to all. Unfortunately the extremity of the present time has forced us to give now at least a theoretical guidance of how to proceed upon the path of the Nath Yogins.The discourses will consist of the hidden instructions within the prayers, the technical keys to Nrtta [ pure dance], Asanas, Mudras, Pranayamas and instructions on how to use the guidance of the crescent moon in the daily practices and the building of the Chakra systems. 

The 19th chapter of the Matsyendra Samhitha states; 

‘In Baddha padmasana, practice Dridhata (strength and firmness), meditate upon the unity of the body that is free from the turbidity of time and healthy.” 

And some wisdom from Manu, the first teacher, about the power of endurance. 

‘Whatever is hard to be traversed, whatever is hard to be attained, whatever is hard to be reached, whatever is hard to be performed, all may be accomplished by austerities, for austerity possesses the power which is difficult to surpass. Its action rids the spirit not only of grief but also of joy by using the barest minimum of means or equipment.’ 

The reason for holding the live discourses on the full moon day is that the practices of Khecari Mathana and Melana (churning and gathering) are only undertaken at this time. I would like you all to know that these discourses will be the first time I reveal, in accordance with the level of those who participate, the information given to me at my initiation by my Diksha Guru, Narinath. 

And now, as food for the journey ahead, something whispered from the clouds of the Himalayas; 

‘Courage and particle are of the nature of body and speech; while darkness is that of the mind.’ 

May the Lord Shiva, the lord of Yogins on the path, protect you through these troubled times. 

Sundernath (Shandor Remete) April, 2020 

Copyright © Shadow Yoga. All rights reserved. 

Online Consultations

with Sundernath and Emma

To make the process as efficient as possible, please provide us some background regarding your experience :

  • Your name and age
  • Who is your primary yoga teacher
  • What style of yoga are you practicing
  • The nature of your query
  • The preferred day & time for the consultation (and your timezone)

Preferred method of consultation is: Zoom
Time slots for consults will be 60mins in duration.
Available times will be co-ordinated with you.

Please email us

Once we receive your email and agree the day & time, we will send you an invoice to be paid before the consultation. 48hrs notice is required to change or the appointment will be cancelled. By implementing this service we aim to provide ongoing support to yoga practitioners.

Cost per consultation is: USD160
3 consults USD360
5 consults USD450

In the event that you are suffering financial hardship, please make us aware of that in your email and we will be able to accommodate you.

Copyright © Shadow Yoga. All rights reserved. No part of these teachings may be reproduced, distributed, recorded or transmitted in any form or by any means, including, recording, or other electronic or mechanical means, without the prior written permission of Shadow Yoga. All advice given is strictly in confidence.

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