Prelude Forms Study Sheets


Prelude Forms Study Sheets


(Stepping Into Strength) is the first of the Shadow Yoga preludes. It works the feet to release deeply held tension and corrects the actions of the lower body. While practicing this prelude, keep the feet rooted, and the knees relaxed to promote smooth, unencumbered movement. With regular practice, this prelude brings strength and an intuitive use of the limbs.

Chaya Yoddha Sanchalanam

(Churning of the Shadow Warrior) is the second prelude. Remaining centered in a sequence of warrior stances, the practitioner learns to coordinate movement with breathing and power. It is important to keep the spine relaxed but upright throughout the movements.

Karttikeya Mandala

(The Garland of Light) is the third prelude. It utilises full movement of the limbs in twisting and spiraling movements. The movements contract and expand the body in a rhythmic fashion. As it is a longer, deeper and more rigorous practice, the other preludes should be cultivated first before attempting Karttikeya Mandala.